About us at Per Tour Markket


About us at Per Tour Markket is a page that helps you understand briefy all about this website and all that it pertains to being a member here. Simply put; we are a tours and safaris discussion forum where travelers get information and clarifications about any tour, safari, destination, country which they would like to travel.

About our discussion board

Per Tour Markket offers the easiest to use discussion board. On this board, you can answer any question posted if you are an expert in it or simply post a new one which you need answers about.

For Tours and safari experts.

All answers which are well provided, are in depth and 100% correct earn money to the person who answered. This cash is deposited on the expert's Per Tour Markket wallet which is withdrawable. The threshold is Usd. 50 which can me earned by accurately answering a few questions from potential travelers.

For tour operators

Expose your tours expertise by answering questions posted by potential travelers and earn money. You can withdraw this money to boost your tour operator business or use it to advrtise your our agency business on Per Tour Markket. In fact, the wors PERTOURMARKET means that this a tour packages marketplace where tour operators post their tours and safari packages to be helped to get travelers willing to travel with them on such packages.