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Exploring Northern Tanzania's Big 5 in 5 Days - Mid-Range Package Priced from $3,200

serengeti national park
Photo of: serengeti national park

Lake Manyara National park
Photo of: Lake Manyara National park

beautiful Ngorongoro Crater
Photo of: beautiful Ngorongoro Crater

A photo of Arusha Town
Photo of: A photo of Arusha Town

Discovering the Big 5 in Northern Tanzania in 5 Days - Mid-Range Package

Set off on an exciting 5-day Big 5 safari in Northern Tanzania, where you will see Africa's famous Big 5 wildlife and beautiful scenery. Our knowledgeable guides will make sure you get up close and personal with nature's beauties, from the imposing elephants to the gorgeous lions. Comfortable mid-range lodging will ensure a memorable and relaxing experience throughout your trip, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the adventure.

Amidst the breathtaking views of the natural landscape of Northern Tanzania, every day of your safari awaits unexpected surprises. Travel through expansive savannahs and verdant woods in search of elusive leopards and enormous herds of buffalo that are left to graze free. You'll make lifelong memories as you learn about the habits and habitats of these amazing animals with the assistance of our experienced guides. Don't pass up this chance to experience Tanzania's pristine environment and the ultimate wildlife adventure.

Arrival in Arusha

When you arrive in Arusha, Tanzania, on Day 1, your 5-day trip officially begins. Your guide will greet you warmly when you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport and arrange for your transfer to the mid-range lodging in Arusha. It's essential to take advantage of this chance to relax and acclimate to the African environment prior to setting off on your thrilling safari adventure.

Once you're settled in Arusha, make the most of the opportunity to relax and get in the right frame of mind for your impending safari excursions. You can unwind in comfort and restore your energy for the upcoming adventures at your mid-range lodging. Enjoy the excitement of what's to come as you get ready to explore Tanzania's wildlife wonders on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Lake Manyara National Park

The second day of your tour takes you to Lake Manyara National Park, which is renowned for its abundant animals and stunning landscape. After breakfast, get ready for an exciting game drive through the park's varied landscape, which will provide you with views of a variety of bird species as well as stately elephants, elegant giraffes, and amusing hippos. Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch in the middle of the forest while taking in everything that the natural beauty has to offer.

Continue exploring Lake Manyara National Park as the day goes on, taking in the sights and sounds of this fascinating ecosystem. Make your way to your lodging close to the park in the late afternoon, where you may unwind for the night. While you get ready for another thrilling day of wildlife discovery, think back on the experiences of the previous day and look forward to the encounters that lie ahead.

Serengeti National Park

On the third day of your safari trip, set off on an incredible excursion into the renowned Serengeti National Park. After a filling breakfast, travel through the stunning scenery of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on your way to the Serengeti. When you arrive at your location, have a thrilling game drive through the park, which is well-known for having a rich population of wildlife, including the well-known Big Five. Prepare to be amazed by incredible wildlife interactions in the middle of vast savannahs, making lifelong memories.

After an exciting day of exploration, head to your cozy mid-range lodge or camp in the Serengeti as the day comes to an end. Here, you may relax and rejuvenate. Under the starry African sky, think back on your adventures of the day while looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead. Sleep soundly, knowing that tomorrow will bring you even more amazing experiences with Tanzania's amazing animals.

Ngorongoro Crater

The fourth day begins with an early start and an exciting full-day tour to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ngorongoro Crater. Start your journey by making your way down to the crater floor, where you'll come across an amazing variety of animals flourishing in this unusual habitat. Admire the range of creatures in their natural habitat, which includes graceful zebras and wildebeests, majestic lions, and the breathtaking sight of flamingos.

Savor a charming picnic lunch while taking in the crater's beautiful scenery and allow yourself to be enthralled by its breathtaking beauty. As the afternoon wears on, make your way up to the crater rim and say goodbye to this incredible natural beauty. Return to your lodging to unwind for a well-earned evening while thinking back on the day's remarkable wildlife experiences and relishing the memories made in the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater scenery.


On the last day of your journey, enjoy a leisurely breakfast while taking in the stunning scenery of Northern Tanzania. Before saying goodbye to this amazing place, pause to enjoy the final glimmers of the magnificent scenery. On the return trip to Arusha, your friendly and informed guide will be with you. From there, you can choose to continue seeing this amazing nation or catch your next flight. As you leave on your next adventure or return home, think back on the priceless moments and treasured memories made throughout your safari tour.

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