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Central Kalahari Game Reserve tours and safaris

Embark on an extraordinary adventure deep into the heart of Africa's wilderness with our amazing tour and safari packages into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The awesomeness of this reserve is beyond measure with a huge acreage of primitive landscapes acting as a haven for abundant wildlife, ranging from the glorious lions to giraffes and elusive cheetahs. With expert guides deeply entrenched in the heritage of this region, soon enough, we will be off to an area on a journey that will be literally unforgettable. This discovery will lay bare the secrets of this land and its people. Visit villages in the most interesting cultural mosaic of the Kalahari, where indigenous traditions have been passed down through centuries of coexistence with this extraordinary environment. Whether it is from the first evening in this wilderness, experiencing the mesmerizing sight of a Kalahari sunset, to tracking the footprints of a wandering elephant, each moment in this untamed terrain promises to be an experience that leaves an indelible impression on your soul. Step with us deeper into the wilderness of Africa, where every stride is a testament to limitless beauty and resilient nature.

Introducing Central Kalahari Game Reserve

In the very heart of Botswana, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is one of the ultimate wild adventure destinations for every enthusiast who has craved an unlimited wild call. The grassy, wide plains go forever into the horizon, interrupted only occasionally by an acacia tree here and there or rocky outcrops. Life takes over the land—big herds of antelope and the black silhouette of the African lion against the backdrop of the setting sun. Drive around the reserve and expect to be met by a visual and audible fanfare as you travel down dusty trails, epitomizing the very soul of the African bush.

What to expect

When you visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, on your safari, you will just get a feel as if you are landing on an entirely different planet. The reserve is famous for these wide-open spaces with unparalleled opportunities of seeing Africa's iconic wildlife in their natural habitat. Whether you do the game drive or leisurely bushwalk, it affords one a chance with nature at a higher level.

The best time to visit

The best time to feel the full power of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is undoubtedly during the dry months from April to October. It is a time when the dry landscape foreshadows what the rains will bring, and masses of wildlife flock to the remaining sources of water—the spectacle of abundance and activity. It is the prime period offering unequalled chances of spotting game in abundance as more animals come in larger numbers, enticed by the promise of food. Watch huge herds of antelope flowing across the arid plains in pursuit of water with predators skulking close by through waves of flowing grass or water-lapped pans, in a sequence of seemingly endless savannahs. In addition, at this time, poor vegetation—hence making it sparser—makes visibility better, hence clear sightings and memorable encounters with some of Africa's famous wildlife. Be it an exciting game drive or a thrilling walk into the wilderness, the dry season literally offers probably one of the best chances to really get immersed in the raw beauty that is Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Reaching Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Arrival in the remote, far-flung wilderness of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is usually by air through Botswana's main international gateways, either Maun or Gaborone. Maun is in the north and is the principal access point for most visitors. Gaborone, the capital located in the south-east, offers another entry point for people arriving from international destinations. Out of these busy hubs, travelers will have to organize transportation to the reserve's entrance. Although transport by road is possible and would take travelers through the scenic country landscapes, most of them find charter flights more convenient and faster. Offering breathtaking bird's-eye views over Botswana wilderness, these flights dramatically cut down the time spent traveling before touching down at the reserve's airstrips, ensuring that visitors reach the heart of the Kalahari within minutes of their arrival. Whether one travels overland or by air, the journey to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a safari not to be forgotten in Africa's unruly beauty.

Accommodations options

A pleasant and engaging stay in the middle of the bush is guaranteed by the variety of lodging alternatives available within the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Luxurious safari lodges, like Kalahari Plains Camp, provide lavish amenities amid the untamed grandeur of the Kalahari for those looking for a luxurious getaway. Here, guests can relax in roomy suites with tasteful decor against a stunning backdrop of expansive views of the neighboring savannah. Famous for its vantage point above the vast salt pans, Tau Pan Camp offers a distinctive fusion of luxury and authenticity, complete with chic tented lodging and attentive service. Deception Valley Lodge, with its traditional safari-style tents tucked under old camelthorn trees, embodies the essence of the Kalahari for tourists seeking a more intimate and rustic experience. Every property in the reserve has a distinct charm and personality that entices visitors to experience the alluring sights and sounds of Africa's immense wildness while indulging in unmatched comfort and hospitality.

Public transportation options

There aren't many choices for public transportation inside the reserve, therefore most visitors choose to explore the area by charter planes, private automobiles, or guided excursions.

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