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Gombe Stream National Park tours and safaris

With the help of our fantastic tours and safari packages, see the beautiful beauty of Gombe Stream National Park. Take in the verdant surroundings and varied fauna of this pristine haven, which is home to chimpanzees and other unique creatures. Tucked away in Tanzania near the banks of Lake Tanganyika, Gombe Stream provides a rare chance to see primates in their native environment—a setting that Jane Goodall is well-known for having studied. Our knowledgeable guides will take you into the wooded areas of the park, where you can see colorful bird species, energetic monkeys, and elusive leopards. They are well-versed on the habits and environments of the park's inhabitants. Our trips are made to guarantee a meaningful and enthralling experience, regardless of whether you're a nature enthusiast, animal photographer, or just looking for a quiet getaway from the daily grind. Plan your journey now to see the wonders of Gombe Stream, where every turn leads to a new revelation and every second is filled with amazement.

What to expect

Gombe Stream National Park offers visitors a close-up, immersive experience with the natural world. Guided walks through the lush forest result in amazing views of chimpanzees in their native habitat. These outings offer a rare chance to get up close and personal with these intriguing monkeys and their everyday interactions and habits. The world's longest freshwater lake, Lake Tanganyika, has crystal-clear waters that make for a relaxing swim and peaceful beachcombing on the park's immaculate beaches. The area's diversity of species, which includes fish eagles and palm-nut vultures, will excite birdwatchers and improve their bird-watching experience. Every time spent in the park is a fascinating and fulfilling journey of discovering wildlife, as the verdant forest paths provide opportunities to view additional wildlife, such as the playful olive baboons and the uncommon red colobus monkeys, against the backdrop of majestic forested hills and the serene lake.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to go chimpanzee trekking in Gombe Stream National Park, the best time to come is usually during the dry season, which runs from May to October. The lack of rain during these months improves the trekking experience tremendously by making the woodland routes less slick and easier to navigate. Chimpanzees and other species gather near the few surviving water sources due to the reduced forest density and the lack of water supplies, which makes them much easier to identify. In addition, walking the park's paths in the dry season is more comfortable due to the decreased activity of mosquitoes. As a result, visitors have more opportunities to see these amazing primates up close and see their intricate social structures and behaviors in a more predictable and approachable environment, in addition to enjoying improved visibility and accessibility.

How to Reach

It's a picturesque and distinctive route to get to Gombe Stream National Park; it starts with a boat ride from Kigoma, a town that may be reached in a number of ways. The easiest way for travelers arriving from outside or from far-off places inside Tanzania is to fly into Kigoma's airport from Dar es Salaam, which connects through Tanzania's main city and significant aviation hub. Alternatively, for a more daring travel experience, travelers can choose to take long-distance busses that travel across the nation to get to Kigoma, or they can take a train excursion from Dar es Salaam that provides sweeping vistas of the Tanzanian countryside and a glimpse of local life. The last portion of the voyage to Gombe Stream begins at Kigoma and ends with an amazing boat ride over a portion of Lake Tanganyika, the longest freshwater lake in the world. In addition to taking guests right into the center of this immaculate national park, the boat journey provides breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery and the lake's crystal-clear waters, setting the stage for an incredible adventure in one of Africa's most remote and animal-rich settings.


Safari packages come in different forms; standard excursions, which include lodging, meals, and guide costs, start at about $300 per person per day.

Expected Wildlife and Attractions

Gombe Stream National Park is home to a diverse range of species and breathtaking scenery in addition to its well-known chimpanzees. Though the park's chimpanzees are its main attraction, visitors may also come across graceful bushbucks and elusive leopards while exploring the park's landscape. The park is a birdwatcher's delight due to its abundance of bird species, which number over 200 and include the magnificent fish eagle and the vibrant trumpeter hornbill. The park's physical scenery, which includes lush, green woods that flow down to Lake Tanganyika's beautiful waters, is almost as intriguing. In addition to offering stunning views, this striking contrast of lush vegetation and the deep blue lake also fosters a serene, even mystical environment. Gombe Stream National Park is a genuinely remarkable location for adventurers and environment lovers alike because of the harmonious combination of its breathtaking terrain and abundant biodiversity.

What to Carry

It is essential to pack appropriately for a trip to Gombe Stream National Park in order to guarantee a relaxing and fulfilling experience. A good pair of walking shoes is essential for navigating the occasionally rough and uneven woodland terrain. When it comes to bird watching and chimpanzee sightings, binoculars are an absolute need as they provide a safe and secure way to observe the intricate details and splendor of the park's feathered inhabitants. Another essential item is insect repellent, which offers protection from biting insects like mosquitoes that are widespread in forested areas. You can protect yourself from the equatorial sun's rays, which can be quite strong even under the canopy cover, by wearing appropriate sun protection, such as UV-protective eyewear, a wide-brimmed hat, and high-SPF sunscreen. Last but not least, packing a top-notch camera—ideally one with a decent zoom lens—will enable you to record the spectacular scenery and enchanted moments of Gombe Stream, providing you with enduring recollections of your wildlife interactions. When combined, these necessities will make the most of your safari experience in one of Tanzania's most beloved national parks, ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Visa and Passport Requirements

In addition to a valid passport (which can be obtained online ahead of time or on arrival), visitors must have a valid visa for at least six months.

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