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Klaserie Private Nature Reserve tours and safaris

Experience the extraordinary as you journey into the heart of Africa with a unique selection of tours and safari packages at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. To step inside Klaserie is to afford oneself a step back in time to the raw beauty and untamed wilderness of the African continent from its luxury lodge set amongst the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa. Our tours are always guided with professional guides to ensure an epic adventure with close contact with the most breathtaking wildlife, such as the majesty of the Big Five. Whether you are driving through the bush on an exciting game drive, going out on a guided walking safari, or wallowing in the lap of luxury at one of our superlative lodges, the experience is guaranteed to be one of those truly real and fulfilling ones. Book your trip now and unlock the magic that is Africa, where every sight, sound, and smell will linger on in your memory.

Introducing Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

Iconic landscapes of rugged beauty…only a few words blend together in bringing alive the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, a haven where the pulse of the wilderness beats strong, luring wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers from across the globe. Within the fold of untamed wilderness, guests are transported to a land where nature is supreme and every minute offers opportunities for new discoveries. The golden sun washes warm over the savannahs and sweeps through the dense woodlands, while the air is filled with the symphony of the wild: roaring lions, trumpeting elephants, and the haunting calls of nocturnal creatures spilling through the night. Set against the backdrop of unrivaled natural beauty, guests will be taken on exhilarating safaris meandering through rough country in search of Africa's most iconic residents, such as the majestic lion and the graceful giraffe, the elusive leopard and the towering elephant. In the expert hands of the lodge's rangers, every safari promises unrivaled sightings of the wonders of nature and the imparting of knowledge about the complex ecosystems that flourish in this untainted land. Every moment at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is a memory to be cherished and will last a lifetime: be it going on an early morning game drive, leaving on foot to track the wild, or savoring a peaceful sundowner against a flaming African sunset.

What to expect Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

Take the plunge into this vast and wild place and brace yourself for the spectacular reveal of Africa's most regal, each a tribute to the untamed beauty where, bathed in the great expanse of the savannah and veld, the legendary Big Five—lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros—strut their stuff with a free attitude of deity entitlement, their very presence demanding reverence and respect. Every game drive or guided walk hopes to come across these animals, exposing themselves to your eyes and giving you just a small window into their lives and daily occurrences of their natural behavior. But it's not just the Big Five that captures the soul; the reserve's ecosystem is equally home to the sleek cheetah and the elusive leopard, as well as graceful antelopes like kudu, impala, and nyala. It's that feeling of expectation at each turn of the track and through every rustle in the bush that the coming on of these creatures to meet us on their home ground gets, with the aura of wonder and excitement it conjures up, that remains with a person long past the safari.

The best time to visit Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

The best time to set off on your safari adventure in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is most definitely during the dry season, which runs from May to September. This landscape changes from the once lush vegetation during this period to rolling open plains with watering holes that prove to be the make-or-break lifelines for the animals within the reserve. At that time, some animals converge in large numbers around these oases, where few water sources exist, making opportunities for game-watching unsurpassed. Giant herds of elephants playing in the shallows to prides of lions pacing the fringes in search of prey, prime time for a front-row seat to the drama of the African wild is the dry season. The clear sky and reduced temperature during the dry season set the best backdrops for comfort during safaris while enjoying the scenic beauty without being repelled by heavy rains or an overbearing sun. A dry season that promises a fabulous adventure, whether you are a wildlife expert or this is your very first safari into the core of Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, where every single moment is filled with the magic of Africa's wild beauty.

Reaching Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

The engaging Klaserie Private Nature Reserve boasts its entrance gates as being relatively accessible, depending on where one comes from. This is through the Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport or the near Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. Visitors who arrive at these airport facilities are welcomed by the typical friendliness of the South Africans and helped further with a short transfer to the reserve by their accommodation or travel organiser. Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport is approximately an hour's drive from Klaserie, the gateway to the region, offering domestic flights from all major cities, including Johannesburg and Cape Town. Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport is a bit farther away but is still another good gateway to this part of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, as there are good road links in place. It also means visitors can enjoy the scenic drive to get there through the beautiful Mpumalanga province. It will not really matter if you will have landed there by air or road, as the adventure that awaits in Klaserie is just the very beginning of a lifetime safari experience in the wilds of South Africa.

Safari packages

Accommodation at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve caters for different tastes and budgets. Prices vary in accordance with accommodation on offer, length of stay, and activities included. Accommodation can vary from the very lavish exclusive lodges that offer great luxury in the wilderness to more rustic bush camps for the economically minded or those with a sense of adventure. Longer stays represent better value for money, most important, enabling the guest to maximize the safari experience through full immersion in the wonders of the reserve with maximum wildlife sightings. Package prices are also dependent on inclusions like game drives, guided walks, and cultural experiences. Some may be targeted toward the more upscale market experiences featuring gourmet food and exclusive amenities, and others to a more budget-minded approach with simple accommodations and fewer inclusions. Having said that, the safari packages in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve try to offer something for everybody's pocket and taste in the magic of Africa's wilderness.

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