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Lake Kariba tours and safaris

Nestled between the breathtaking landscapes of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Lake Kariba is an unrivaled destination with a remarkable diversity of experiences. Take an adventurous journey of a lifetime through the African gem with our exhilarating selection of tours and safari packages. Do that game drive out in the wild, and meet those great elephants, graceful antelopes, among other birds, and the multitudes in their full splendor against the sunset. An angler's paradise—fishing safaris fill one with the twofold thrills and relaxation of reeling in trophy-sized Tigerfish and Bream from the area's quiet waters and towering mountains. The area is steeped in cultural and historical offerings, so get lost in visits to traditional villages and archaeological sites or relax on a lazy cruise amidst the splendor of the lake's water. If you're seeking adventure or even just wanting to escape to a place that nestles in the arms of nature, then Lake Kariba is the place to go. Just don't wait; book a trip now to discover this magical place.

Introducing lake Kariba

Lake Kariba: Man-made Wonder of the World Right at the center of Southern Africa, residing trapped within the rough landscapes of Zimbabwe and Zambia, is a shimmering jewel, better known as Lake Kariba. It's a huge body of water, harnessed behind the damming of the Zambezi River, and which now offers any traveler a very compelling mix of natural beauty and an exhilarating collection of adventures.

Best time to visit Lake Kariba

Such fabulous charm is exposed by Lake Kariba toward the dry season that extends from May to October as travelers are drawn into a world where the drama of nature is played in great detail. The landscape, therefore, turns to a patchwork of grassland and woodland as wildlife gathers along the shores to feed in quite an amazingly unique spectacle. An experience at this time of the year takes you into the heart of a great theater of life where elephants move with grace, lions stalk, and the great herds of antelope drift calmly across. Be it by boat for serene floats on the river, allowing close-up experience with hippos and crocs, or by guided safari deep into the wilderness, moments promised are of awe and wonder. Against the setting sun, casting its golden hue all across the horizon, the sights and sounds of Lake Kariba in the dry season serve as a testimony to the raw beauty and untamed spirit of Africa that leaves memories indelibly etched in the heart of all those who dare explore its depths.

Reaching Lake Kariba

It is an easy and accessible transit route that draws travelers from around the world to this ultimate experience, from the fabulous and breathtaking shores of Lake Kariba. For the international visitors, it is opened up by major airports like the Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe or the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Zambia. From this busy trading post, the voyager can easily jump to the next leg in his itinerary, even if it's just a leisurely drive over beautiful countryside or a short domestic flight with a bird's eye view of the sprawling wilderness below. As the jagged contours of the city give way to the rough, untouched beauty of the African bush, there is an increasing sense of anticipation. Be it from the neighboring African countries or from the far corners of the world, the way to Lake Kariba seems much in tune with the very spirit of adventure.

what to carry to Lake Kariba

Preparations for the adventure trip to Lake Kariba will for sure have you looking at the essentials to allow for a very comfortable and memorable experience within the African wild terrain. Be sure to pack very light clothing that will protect you against the rays of the sun but still leave you able to experience ultimate comfort when the exploration phase sets in. Ensure you bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes for rocky paths and other uneven ground—shoes that give good support all around your foot. Do not forget some lotion to protect your skin from the hot rays of the African sun and a hat with a wide brim, which will give you further protection and shade for your eyes. There must also be insect repellent to keep at bay the annoying mosquitoes and other biting insects so that you can enjoy the total allure of the natural beauty of Lake Kariba without distraction. Imagine not having a camera, any that is, one with a lens or just that phone, because views from every point of the landscape, from every animal seen, and every time spent around the nature's splendor will be something to cherish and take back with you.

Accommodation options

As for the accommodation, Lake Kariba caters for all classes and choices. From high-end resorts with tranquil water views to snug lodges nestled in the wild, there is something for everyone. Some of the big ones include Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, Spurwing Island Lodge, and Rhino Safari Camp.

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