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Mashatu Game Reserve tours and safaris

Welcome to an unforgettable journey—unlikely to be forgotten—across the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana, where tours and safaris are meticulously arranged. Site within the wild landscapes of Botswana, the gateway of Mashatu GR extends to the untamed beauty of the continent, where every moment is a captivating adventure waiting to unfold. These are immersive experiences into the very heart of Africa's iconic wildlife in their natural habitats, expertly led by local guides. In the savannah, elephants may roam, the elusive big cats—everything can be seen in action. Whether you're out on the wide plains with the wild animals, walking with the rangers to find out more about the smaller things in the area, or just sitting back and soaking in the comfort and luxury of environmentally sensitive accommodation, a Mashatu safari is bound to get you closer to the heart of the African wilderness. Deeply committed to conservation and sustainability, a visit to Mashatu GR will ensure that a lasting impression is made, not only securing the most extraordinary ecosystem for generations to come.

What to expect at Mashatu Game Reserve

Go further towards the wild country and be spellbound by the level of wildlife variety lying within Mashatu Game Reserve. Their huge presence and graceful movement through the wild habitat overshadow any other presence in the savannah—majestic elephants. From the giant of the savannah down, stunningly elegant antelope gracefully make their way across the open plains; their grace of movement, in itself, is a signal of adaptation to this harsh landscape. The wildlife, from the elusive leopard slinking in the shadows to the regal lion surveying his kingdom, fills Mashatu from one corner to the other, and brief insights are given into the systems supporting these great beasts. The luxurious lowland forests create a sanctuary for numerous species of birds, which by their bright radiant plumage are speckled dots of color over the green background. Each second that goes by is through the heartbeats of the wild felt throughout the air, pulsing onward and outward, inviting one in full engagement of the spectacle of nature's great beauty.

Best time to visit Mashatu Game Reserve

The other downside is that the dry season, which falls in the months of May to October, is the main time bracket in which tourists get the opportunity to enjoy the alluring attraction that is Mashatu Game Reserve at its maximum. One remarkable phenomenon takes place that one will not experience in any other park: the congregations around dwindling water sources turn the landscape into a mosaic of golden hues. The soil may be arid, but water is the blood running through it, bringing creatures small and large—from the gigantic herds of elephants to the most secretive of predators that slink through the savannah. Vegetation is poor, and visibility is high, making such iconic species as lions, leopards, and cheetahs readily visible. It is these moments of observation and photography that will never be forgotten. This is when the increase in animal numbers during the dry season sees things to be sighted in the wild at their highest, and the felt conditions are very much ideal for one to travel the open savannah of the reserve—be it out on the track during a game drive or on a quiet walk with the rangers. As the days merge into evenings under the warm, open African sky, the real adventure and discovery of the dry season at Mashatu, within the full splendor of nature, commence.

Reaching Mashatu Game Reserve

The Mashatu Game Reserve's magical wilderness is easily accessible from all the major international airports. The traveler will most likely jet off on his adventure at the main international airports from such busy hubs as Maun or Gaborone, the entrances to the rich tapestry of natural wonders that adorns Botswana. From these lively centers, travelers are taken to their next destination or the closest airport, the final leg of their travel. The welcome transfer is staged very effectively, providing guests with a beautiful trip to the doorstep of Mashatu through the picturesque hinterlands of Botswana. Every minute of this trail, as it winds through verdant valleys or rugged landscapes, delivers raw beauty that personifies the African wilderness and sets the stage for what is yet to come. As part of the journey to Mashatu, smooth logistics and breathtaking vistas at every turn can only be defined as the spirit of adventure in this extraordinary sanctuary.

Safari Packages to Mashatu Game Reserve

The different types of safari packages at Mashatu Game Reserve are designed for the budgets and tastes of the widest ranges of people, ensuring that each type of traveler has an unforgettable experience. Prices for these packages do vary with the seasons but are highest during the dry season between May and October, when wildlife visibility is at its greatest. Accommodation facilities range from high-end lodges through all sorts of sophistication into absolute comfort, to intimate tented camps with an aura of an African bush at an average travel cost. Luxurious accommodation at high-end lodges, sophisticated with the best comfort, marries just as well with the intimate aura of tented camps. In either case, faultless service will be provided to the guests; professionally guided tours and endless opportunities to view the wildlife in its best display. Each package is crafted in the very best manner possible to assure any visitor of a safari experience that caters to the desire of the individual and will surely leave cherished memories of a lifetime.

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