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Maun tours and safaris

With our well thought-out tours and safari packages, you can set out on an incredible adventure across Maun's captivating landscapes. Maun is the starting point for visiting one of Africa's most captivating natural treasures. It is located in Botswana, nestled at the edge of the Okavango Delta. Experience the rich tapestry of this unspoiled wilderness, where shimmering waters entwine with lush meadows and an abundance of species flourishes in its native home, thanks to our carefully planned encounters. Our trips offer a harmonious blend of adventure, luxury, and genuine exploration, whether you're looking for exhilarating game drives to spot majestic elephants, peaceful boat cruises along the delta's meandering waterways, or immersive cultural exchanges with local people. Discover the mysteries of Maun's varied ecosystems with the help of informed guides. Enjoy unmatched comfort at our carefully chosen lodgings, where each day will be as breathtaking as the last. Come explore the amazing beauty of Maun with us; every moment will serve as a reminder of Africa's wild nature.

Introducing Maun

Finding Maun is similar to stepping into a place where the wilderness whispers stories about its storied beauty. Maun, the capital of Botswana, serves as the entry point to the Okavango Delta, one of Africa's most amazing natural wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What to expect at Maun

Traveling to Maun is like entering a world where the natural world creates a symphony of sights and noises. Imagine yourself floating through vast floodplains, the graceful swaying of tall reeds blending with the rhythmic dance of grazing antelope. Elephants' triumphal trumpeting reverberates over the savanna, and the deep bass of hippos lazing in the shallows fills the air in this aquatic beauty. Traveling through slender, papyrus-lined canals, you'll see that the sun is shining on the water's surface, highlighting the sleek outlines of crocodiles basking in its warmth. Spending time in Maun invites you to fully experience the untamed majesty and unadulterated beauty of Africa's environment, where each sight and sound reveals a history as old as time itself.

Best time to visit Maun

The dry season, which runs from May to October, is when Maun's attraction is at its peak and nature is at its most breathtaking. The savanna becomes a lively theater of life as wildlife gathers around disappearing water sources while the dry terrain cries out for replenishment. Imagine large groups of elephants ambling across arid plains, their silhouettes captured against the intense colors of an African sunset. The giraffes browse the acacia trees with grace, their silken shapes merging in perfectly with the golden horizon, while the lions, ever watchful, stalk the plains with stealth and purpose. As you set out on safari excursions, exploring rough terrain in pursuit of elusive predators and seeing the age-old dance of predator and prey play out in front of your very eyes, every day is filled with new discoveries. During the dry season in Maun, the environment is ideal for experiencing unmatched wildlife encounters, where the allure of the African nature permeates every second.

Reaching Maun

Travelers can easily reach this treasure from anywhere in the world by flying into Maun International Airport, the main entry point to Botswana's magical wilderness. Maun International Airport makes it easy for people to reach this far-off paradise by providing connections from busy metropolises to remote corners of the globe. Picture yourself leaving the busy streets of New York City or the colorful markets of Tokyo and dropping down into the wild grandeur of Africa. The Okavango Delta's magnificent surroundings invite travelers to embark on a life-changing experience, and Maun International Airport greets them with open arms and well-connected aircraft routes. The air is alive with the promise of discovery as soon as you walk off the airport, building excitement for the one-of-a-kind adventures that lie ahead in Maun and beyond.

Maun's climate

The weather in Maun is characterized by several seasons, each of which draws tourists with its own special beauty. The winter months, which run from May to October, are characterized by sunny skies, dry weather, and a landscape covered with warm sunlight. Gentle breezes and relatively mild temps provide for the perfect days for outdoor exploration and safari experiences. The savanna is blanketed in cool air as the sun sets, beckoning travelers to congregate around blazing campfires beneath a canopy of stars. On the other hand, the summer months of November through April offer sporadic showers that revitalize the dry land. Cool showers revitalize the environment, turning it into a verdant haven full of colorful plants and animals. The spectacle of a thunderstorm moving across the horizon adds an exciting layer to the Maun experience, exhibiting the raw force and majesty of nature in its purest form, even when the occasional shower may impede outdoor activities.

Accommodations options

Maun provides a variety of lodging options to suit different tastes. While lodges and camps offer authentic safari experiences, hotels like Maun Lodge and Cresta Riley's Hotel offer luxury and convenience.

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