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Virunga Mountains tours and safaris

Explore the breathtaking Virunga Mountains with our expertly crafted tours and safari packages. Witness the majesty of the endangered mountain gorillas, hike through lush rainforests, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Book your adventure today and experience the trip of a lifetime!

What to expect at Virunga Mountains

The Virunga Mountains trek is a step closer into nature's beauty, where every step unfolds a melody both visual and acoustic. The mountain gorillas in the emerald forest manage their territory with gracesque movements, and the golden monkeys' frolics bring delight, which mystifies the experience with an aura of interest as they play, driving the viewers crazy with elusiveness. However, it is the iconic silverback gorillas, with really imposing statures and a commanding presence, that really call for attention, instill deep awe in the mind of whoever is privileged to witness them in their natural habitat.

Best time to visit Virunga Mountains

Paying a visit to the Virunga Mountains, it would be a perfect time to hit the right frame of exploring the natural beauty if one happened to visit in the dry months, between June and September and December through February. With the ceasing of the rain, the landscape gets adjusted to better reveal its glory. During these months, the temperature remains cool, and the sky stays clear—all conducive factors for trekking inside thick forests and climbing several volcanic mountains. The frequency of wildlife sightings goes up, and the animals now come out to sunbathe in the sun-dappled glades, offering visitors closer and better views of iconic species such as the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys. The dry seasons also correspond to peak breeding and feeding times for most animals, hence increasing the chances of witnessing amazing behaviors against the dramatic backdrop of the Virunga Mountains.

Reaching Virunga Mountains

Accessing the Virunga Mountains is just hours away from most parts of the world. International flights will easily bring travelers from Europe, Asia, and the Americas to the nearest airports, which would include Kigali International Airport in Rwanda and Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. From the airports, ground transport or organized tours can take you without bumps to the heart of the Virunga region.

The climate in the Virunga Mountains

The altitude and relative location of the Virunga Mountains exert the largest influence on its climate, making it mostly variable. By and large, cool and moist conditions generally hold sway, thereby providing a refreshing contrast to temperatures found at lower levels. Most of the time, temperatures are moderate, thereby allowing for outdoor activities to be carried out with comfort. Months that are dry occur from June to September and from December to February. In such situations, however, even during these dry spells, be prepared for sudden weather changes because climate in the mountains can be very fickle. In such a case, it calls for warm layers of clothing and strong hiking boots to move on the rough landscape. Most necessary will be rain gear, especially in the wet seasons from March to May and October to November when the rains can come at any time heavily, turning the landscape to a green, verdant paradise. Sunscreen is also recommended for all times of the year, as the rays of the sun can be intense, more so at higher altitudes, where there is that much more exposure to UV. With the right kind of attire and equipment, this tour is comfortable and enjoyable amidst the panorama of varied landscapes of the Virunga Mountains.

Accommodation options in the Virunga Mountains

Accommodation in the Virunga Mountains is an affair that varies, catering to several different types of travellers with different tastes and, of course, budgets. Living a truly luxurious life in the next level of Virunga Mountains, all the pampering set in the wild forest of the Virunga Mountains comes alive at Virunga Lodge, where the extremely luxurious amenities and panoramic views of the beautiful landscape are experienced. Bisate Lodge brings a good blend of luxury and conservation ethos in the elegantly appointed guest villas, set against a background of lushness with an emphasis on the sustainable tourism initiative. The Mikeno Lodge, on the other hand, offers a quiet retreat on the forested slopes of the area and provides the guests with intimate and immersive experiences with nature. Those on a tighter budget can find comfortable lodging of more modest pricing in the form of guesthouses and campsites without missing the incredible views that characterize the Virunga Mountains. Whether one be spending money like water or living a frugal, earthy life, accommodation alternatives in the Virunga Mountains ensure an unforgettable and enriching experience in the midst of the stunning beauty this place is known for.

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